SSH into an unmanaged machine using VSCode#

Example Usecase: When working from home, connect from you local Mac to the SWC office Linux machine

In your local machine cd and open .ssh/config and append the following configurations:

Host *
    ServerAliveInterval 60

Host jump-host
    User swcUserID

Host remote-host
    User remoteMachineUsername
    ProxyJump jump-host

Make sure to replace with the IP address of your remote machine. On Ubuntu, you can find the IP address in this way:

  • Got to Settings then Network

  • Click on the cogwheel next to your connections (usually Wired)

  • The IPv4 is the address you are looking for

If you do not have a config file in your .ssh folder, create one:

cd .ssh/
touch config

Connect to VPN, then use the Open a remote window (Remote - SSH extension) tool of vscode and connect to remote-host. You will be asked for your SWC and Linux passwords.